Host Families

We are pleased that you would like to host an international student or visitor in your home. Hosting can be a very exciting adventure! Students may stay from a few weeks, to several months, to several years. They also come from many different places around the world. The students we place are as diverse as the families that host them. They are here to prepare for a career, to attend college, work in an internship, volunteer or learn English just for the fun of it. During this time you will have the opportunity to welcome a new member into your family and learn about other interesting cultures.

If you are ready to build new global relationships please click to apply and follow the instructions.


Host Family Qualities

What are we looking for in a host family?

  • Have a genuine interest in other cultures and nationalities.
  • Be warm and compassionate.
  • Have a sincere interest in international exchange.
  • Make your visitor’s safety both in and outside the home a priority.


Host family Requirements:

  • The host family must be Canadian Citizens.
  • English only, is to be used when the visitor is present. This includes phone conversations and interaction with other guests in the home.
  • The host family must provide 3 meals per day and make snacks available.
  • The host family must provide a safe home and a private bedroom for our students/visitors.
  • The room must have a least one window and be furnished with a bed, desk, and drawers.
  • The room must be heated to the comfort of the student.
  • The guest room cannot be shared with another visitor or family member, unless our visitors request 2 people per room.
  • The host family will not leave the visitor/student alone in the home for overnight or consecutive nights, without an immediate adult, relative, or an adult present in the home to care for their visitor.
  • Host families must abide by transportation arrangements made at the time of placing the student
  • Wire-less Internet connection required. No dial-up.
  • The host family must provide a criminal record check at their expense for all adults in the home if the international student is under the age of 18 years.
  • The host family will give one month notice to terminate the homestay.

Confirmation Fee:

A $50.00 non-refundable confirmation fee is payable to Harmony Homestay upon confirmation of each long term student placement. This fee confirms you are holding your available room for our student when they arrive. No confirmation fee is charged for hosting short term students.