Incredible Canada!

Canada is the second largest country in the world and the name Canada is an Iroquoian word that means village. The population is just under 36 million people and is culturally diverse. Canada is also home to the longest coastline and the longest street (Young Street) in the world. Our motto is “from sea to sea” as the country is nestled between the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean, while capped by the Arctic ocean to the north. Our closest neighbour is the United States to the south which is divided by the largest border in the world.

English and French are our official languages but you will also hear languages from many different countries. The people are warm and friendly and conversations start at community centers, on the busses, skytrain, and ferries, in parks, or in any of the exciting restaurants, offering a wide choice of cuisine from around the world.

International travelers come to Canada for a variety of reasons. Many visitors desire to study English or other educational programs and learn about Canadian culture. Others want to enjoy a Canadian vacation, and some choose to spend some time participating in a volunteer experience in a particular field. Whatever your reason for choosing to visit Canada, we at Harmony Homestay will do our best to help make your stay as memorable and enjoyable as possible.