One of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life is immersing yourself in another’s culture. As a student, there is so much you can learn when you live abroad. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. Living with a host family while you attend school abroad can be a rewarding experience you’ll remember forever.

Fully immersing yourself in Canadian culture while attending school will provide you with many more benefits and opportunities than coming to Canada for a short trip.

You can Increase Your English Fluency faster

When fully immersed in Canadian life, your English skills will improve faster than a short vacation or trip. Immersion supports faster learning in any subject, and language is no exception. 

Your host family will often provide extra support and guidance as you learn or expand your English skills. You can ask them for help translating or learning new phrases and they can help you learn idioms you wouldn’t learn from language studies alone.

You Can get to Know The Area Like a Local

There are many benefits to living with a host family. You get an inside view of what it’s like to live like a local. Your host family likely knows the community well and can help you find touristy spots and local hidden gems. They can help you explore the community through the eyes of a local. When you arrive with your host family, let them know your interests and ask if they have any local recommendations of things to do.

Another benefit of forming a close relationship with your host family is that it provides a safe place to ask questions, especially cultural ones you may not feel comfortable asking a stranger. This can help grow your cultural understanding.

You Can create life-long friendships With your Host family

Many international students bond well with their host families and stay connected long after their stay. You can introduce your host family to your biological family back home through a video call to form deeper connection.

Your host family might also be able to help introduce you to others your age (at school or in the neighbourhood). These could be new friends who can show you a different perspective of Canada through the eyes of your peers. These friendship bonds can be strong and you might stay in touch for years after you return home.

You can share your culture with others

Living with a host family is more than just learning about your host family’s culture. It’s also an opportunity for you to share your culture with them. It’s a mutually educational experience. When you pack for your time in Canada consider bringing recipes from your home country to share with your host family. Ask if you can share your favourite meals and traditions from back home with them. We’re sure they’ll love it. 

You Get More Than Just a Place to Stay

When you stay with a host family, you get more than just accommodations. With Harmony Homestay, your stay includes: 

  • Accommodations (in a private room with a door)
  • A bed, dresser, and closet space
  • Three meals per day
  • Unlimited high-speed internet
  • Care and supervision from your host parents

How a homestay program can support your stay in Canada

When you do your international trip with an established homestay company like Harmony Homestay, you get additional benefits that you don’t get if you organize your own trip. For example, you’ll have opportunities to meet other international students who are also spending a semester or year abroad. At Harmony Homestay, we can also help with your local school enrollment process.

Are you a student Wanting to live with a Canadian host family?

Harmony Homestay has host families in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley (British Columbia), and Thunder Bay (Ontario) waiting to welcome you into their home. They’re ready to make your stay memorable and educational, whether you stay for a semester or a year. 

Ready for the experience of a lifetime in Canada? Learn more about enrolling as a student with Harmony Homestay for placement with a welcoming Canadian family. Apply Now!

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