We offer homestay accommodations in beautiful British Columbia, custodianship services, as well as short term programs. Our host families are carefully selected because of their kind and caring personalities, and their genuine desire to open their homes and share their families’ lives and customs with their student. They will help make the adjustment to Canadian culture much easier. A homestay family will provide you with a safe, clean and caring atmosphere during your stay. Your Homestay family will help you adjust to your exciting new lifestyle in Canada, and introduce you to the neighborhood and transit systems. Students and visitors that live with a Canadian family find that their English improves dramatically through conversation and daily involvement with their families.

Incredible Vancouver!

Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city and is set between the snow-capped coastal mountains and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Tourism is one of Vancouver’s main industries! Vancouver is located within three hours of Victoria, (the capital of British Columbia) and two hours from Whistler Mountain Ski Resort.

Vancouver is a vibrant multicultural city, with close to 2 million people.  English is the official language, but you will also hear a bit of French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German and other languages. The people are warm and friendly and conversations start at community centers, on the busses, skytrain, and ferries, in parks, or in any of the exciting restaurants, offering a wide choice of cuisine from around the world.

International travelers come to Vancouver for a variety of reasons. Many visitors desire to study English or other educational programs and learn about Canadian culture. Others want to enjoy a Canadian vacation, and some choose to spend some time participating in a volunteer experience in a particular field. Whatever your reason for choosing to visit Vancouver, we at Harmony Homestay will do our best to help make your stay as memorable and enjoyable as possible.